Linguistic Services

Interpreter services are available within Eastern Europe & UK

PPSS gained its interpreting expertise from work within the management teams of large international companies working in fraud investigation, military and police forces, national probation service and private businesses. PPSS have close working relationships with professional interpreters currently working for the European Parliament in Brussels and the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

As well as the material and logistical support already in place PPSS have a wide network of international contacts available to support the client’s needs and allow them to achieve their goals. At the core of the company are people who have many years of operational experience in policing, law-enforcement, military and security service roles within European Security and Law-Enforcement Agencies.

Detailed operational and linguistic knowledge of the European and Eastern European countries that the client will be travelling to, from or within means that the operation, large or small, can evolve as necessary in accordance with the perceived level of threat.